Banana Eat 7 best advantages!!

Whenever there is a cheap and better fruit, then the same name comes on our Juba and is the name of the banana. Yes folks, eating bananas are very much benefits . Bananas are much cheaper than it is available in 12 mass Market. Banana is very beneficial for health. Banana is very helpful in thinnessing weight gain and eliminating our Daily Need of energy.

Banana Eat 7 best advantages!!
Banana Eat 7 best advantages!!

Most people who are connected to sports or gyms use the most bananas to gain weight. By eating two bananas every day, the weak person's weight increases after a few times and it removes the Dubalepan. Bananas are considered a fruit that provides rich energy. If you also Pani Fit Body and Helathi life in life, you should know the precious benefits of banana.

Types Of Bananas:

The banana is of two types. A raw banana and another ripe. It does not have the ripe banana itself is great and not raw. But both of bananas have their own advantages. Eating a raw banana is cured by blood disorders, burns, bruises and phlegm. The ripe fruit is tasty, nutritious, a hunger busting and weight gain.

Right Time To Eat Bananas:

Most of the bananas benefit from the morning and then drink milk. The banana morning food is better according to Ayurveda. You can also eat it in a day after eating. If you're tired, play a game, or exercise curry, banana fruitful. But eating bananas is always harmful for health at night and at bedtime. You should always avoid eating any fruit at night.

Benefits of Banana

Hunger Busting:

Banana is a fruit that gives the advantage in filling our stomach. Other fruits are tasty, but they cannot be filled with stomachs. But Banana is such a fruit when you have an emphatic appetite or your appetite Mitanis 2 – 3 bananas. It will fill your stomach very easily. Banana caters to the essential energy of the body. That's why people who take the fast and most of the bananas tend to drink in the same way.

To relieve stress:

Stress is been to become a very big topic of health in today's time. Because of its peculiar atmosphere, we are tense with small things today. Elements that relieve this tension are also found in bananas. Bananas relieve stress, many times we don't get into stress, and some think. Then banana food helps us fight that tension and gives us the energy to think.

Digestive Action Habits:

Most diseases today are associated with our stomach. If you have a good stomach, you can never get sick. Recovering the stomach makes you healthier. Banana food improves our digestion. Banana is very easy to eat and is even easier to digest. It also eliminates many disorders related to our stomach and diagnoses the problem of gas and indigestion. Eating banana after eating leads to an easily digestible meal.

Energy shortage Habits:

Banana caters to the essential energy needs of our day. Bananas contain very gunakari elements that cater to the body's requirement. There are times when we are tired and we need energy to eat banana. By eating two to three bananas every day our daily needs are easily completed. So whenever you feel the need for energy, don't eat bananas.

Correcting the Blood Effect::

If you have problems with blood pressure, then you should eat a banana. The banana corrects the impurities of our blood and maintains blood flow right in the body. Diagnosis of blood problems makes banana easily. Start intake of bananas for any problem related to your blood.

Eliminating diseases:

If you have any problems with paint, then you should start eating a banana. Bananas are like a panacea for stomach problems. Diseases related to your stomach can also remove the banana. When you Problem DST or dysentery, you did not eat bananas. In addition, bananas are fruitful to remove the heat of the stomach and also Barbasir.

Other benefits of eating bananas :

*. If the blood is not turned off, then apply the banana stalk juice at that place.

*. If you are getting nervous, fat a spoon of Misri and a little cardamom by grinding into the ripe banana bowl and relieve the food.

*. If you have a herpes pulp, be sure to grind bananas into lemon juice and apply.

*. People who have ulcers should consume raw bananas.

*. If you are urinating frequently, it is the benefit of drinking ghee in banana juice.

*. Eating a banana with curds relieves diarrhea.

*. The body burns on the burning of the banana help to  relax.

*. Use bananas with the matters of the cow's angel to remove the mouth sores.

*. Pregnant women should eat bananas in plentiful quantities.

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