indian army information

The Indian Army is always deployed to protect the country. This is an important part of the Indian Armed Forces. Learn some interesting facts related to the Indian Army:

The Indian Army is always positioned to protect the country. It is a major part of Indian armed forces. The armed forces come with Indian Army, Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard. Learn some interesting facts about the Indian Army:

indian army information
indian army information

1. The Indian Army was formed during the government of the East India Company in Kolkata in 1776.

2. The Siachen Glacier, located 5000 metres above the sea, is a very high war land in the world. This is the Indian Army's possession.

3. The Bailey Bridge is the world's largest bridge between the Himalayas and the Suu rivers. This was made by the Indian Army in 1982.

4. The Indian Army is the world's third largest military jet after the USA and China.

5. Indian armed forces are not allowed to receive reservations based on caste or religion as compared to other government organisations.

6. The ' Operation Relief ', which was run to rescue the flood victims of Uttarakhand in 2013, was the world's largest Italian rescue operation.

7. The president's Bardguard is the oldest military team of the Indian Army. It was set up in 1773. It is now stationed at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

8. Indian soldiers are the highest and best known for the Mountain Wars.

9. In December 1971, only 2 Jawans were injured in the war of Logwala between India and Pakistan. This war also had a Bollywood movie ' border '.

10. The Indian Army is the world's largest volatile army, the most military in the world.

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Important information about Indian Army

Every year on January 15, the Indian Army is celebrated as Army Day because on this day Indian army was completely liberated from the British Army. Let us know important information about Indian Army Army Army - Important Information about the Indian Army

Important Information about the Indian Army

  1. In India, the army was established in 1776 by the East India Company.
  2. But the establishment of Indian army was soon after India attained independence in 1947.
  3. Its headquarters is in the country's capital New Delhi.
  4. Indian Army's control and operation is done by the Indian Ministry of Defense
  5. Indian Army is the second largest army in the world
  6. Field Marshal's rank in the Indian Army is considered the highest
  7. This is an honorary post which is provided by the President
  8. So far 27 people have been Army Chief
  9. India also has a very large cavalry.
  10. Indian Army's Siachen Glacier is the land that is located at the highest point in the country.
  11. During the Second World War, the largest influx of surveillance was done by 93,000 Pakistani soldiers in front of the Indian Army.

Important information about Indian Navy

Just as the army provides protection from the country's land and the Air Force provides protection from the air route of the country, in the same way the water body, ie the Indian Navy, provides protection to the country through the water route of the country. Let us know important information about the Indian Navy - Important information about the Indian Navy .

Important information about the Indian Navy

  1. Indian Navy was established in 1830 during British rule
  2. The first name of the Indian Navy was Royal Indian Navy
  3. The headquarters of the Indian Navy is located in the capital of India, New Delhi
  4. At present, approximately 55,000 naval personnel are employed in the Indian Navy
  5. Indian navy is the world's largest navy.
  6. Ram Das Katari was the first Indian to be appointed Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy in 1958.
  7. The Indian Navy had its first proceedings against Portugal Navy in 1961
  8. Indian Navy has carried out many operations outside the country
  9. India's fastest cruise missile is near the Indian Navy
  10. The Indian Navy is the world's first navy, which touched the Everest peak
  11. Indian Navy had its first aircraft, INS Vikrant
  12. ISRO has also made its own satellite GSAT-7 for the Navy

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