longest river in the world

These are the longest rivers in the world ...

When the long rivers are mentioned in India, the name of the Ganga is taken, but do you know that the Ganga is not the name of the 10 longest rivers in the world. Today, we will show you the 10 longest rivers in the world.

top 10 longest river in the world
top 10 longest river in the world

If we talk about the longest river of India then the name of river Ganga comes on our Jubba, but do you know that the Ganga's name is not included in the world's 10 largest rivers. Let's tell you today about the world's 10 largest rivers:

10. Amur-Argun River, Russia and China - it is the tenth longest river in the world. Its length is 4444 km. In the midst of the land between Russia and China from the 17th century to the 20th century, the Amur River had an important role.

top 10 longest river in the world
Amur-Argun River

9. Congo River, Africa – The River Congo, also known as the Zere River, is a major river in Africa. The river, which is a distance of 4,700 kilometres, is west Central Africa's largest and the longest river in Africa after the Nile River. The Congo River is the second most water-flow river in all rivers of the world, followed by the South America's Amogen River. In length, it is the ninth longest river in the world and 4,700 km from its source in the hills-plateaus of East African rift to a merger in the Atlantic Ocean. [1] In his driveway the Congo River crosses the equator twice. The water-filled area of the vast river is also spacious and has a total of about 40 lakh sq km, which is 13% of the entire African continent.

top 10 longest river in the world
Congo River

8. Paraná River, South America- This river flows south-central American. This is the second largest river after the Amazon River in the flowing streams of South America. Parana river means 'vast like sea'. It travels 4880 km, flowing in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

top 10 longest river in the world
Paraná River

7. The Ob-Iratis River, Russia and Kazakhstan - ob-Irati River or Ob River is a river in the western Siberia region of North Asia. The river is beginning at the confluence of the Bia River and the Compass River 26 km south-west from the bearings of Russia's Altai Krai region. The length of this river is 5410 km.

6. Yellow River, China - This river is the main river of Central and South Asia. Its length is 5464 km. It flows through China, Tibet, India and Bangladesh. It is the deepest river in the world.

top 10 longest river in the world
Yellow River

5. Yeannis-Cinder, Russia and Mongolia - it is the fifth longest river in the world that flows into Russia. The length of this river is 5539 km. These are three rivers that are added to each other. The river originates from the central part of Mongolia and is flowing from several areas of Russia into the Arctic Ocean.

4. Mississippi-Missouri - The Mississippi River is the largest river zone of the continent of North America. It flows completely within the territory of the United States. The source of the river is in the Inska Lake of the state of Minnesota, where it moves towards the south with a rotate. The journey of 2,320 miles (3,730 km) is merged into the Gulf of Mexico by making Nadita (Dalta). The Mississippi provides a lot of subrivers and a few parts of the 31 US state and southern Canada. This river is the fourth of all the world's longest river and is larger than the tenth in the amount of water per hour downstream.

top 10 longest river in the world

Mississippi has played a very important role in the history of the United States.  The original American tribal clan of Mississippi lived for 10,000 years. Many of the victims lived in the life of the weaver, but some of them also lived in agro-based societies. After the eurozone colonisation, many European origins came here, and most of the original tribals were fired or killed. For some calls, the great river was hampered by the European people from here onward to the west, but it gradually began to be used for this Navi traffic.

Origin of name

The name Mississippi comes from a Native American aboriginal language called Anishnabe or Ojibwe. In it, this river was called Misi-Zeeb, which means "Great river". This name was spoiled by the French sources and "Mississippi".

3. The Yangtze River, flowing in China - China, is the largest river in Asia and the third largest river in the world. Its length is 6300 km. The Chinese government has also constructed a metro line across the river to connect the two parts of Wuhan city, the largest population of China. This river is also known as Chen Jiang in China.

top 10 longest river in the world
Yangtze River

Yangtze River  is a river in China, with a long life of third and longest in the whole world of Javan Asia Mahadip.

2. Amazon River, South America - the length of this river is 6400 km, which is slightly lower than the Nile River. In terms of length, the river is the second number in the world but in other cases it is the largest river in the world. As per the density of water, it is the largest river in the world. Water flowing in this river is the fifth of all other rivers in the world. The width of the river rises to 190 km in the rainy days.

top 10 longest river in the world
Amazon River

Aamogen or Amazonas or Amenjohn (Portuguese: Rio Amazonas; Spanish: Río is A; English: Amazon river) is a river flowing through South America. According to the volume, it is the world's largest and second-length river. It flows through Brazil, Peru, Bolvia, Colombia, and Ecuador. It flows from the Andes ranges of peu to the east, and joins the Atlantic Ocean. The Flow Valley is the largest in the world, and the flow rate of water is more than the sum of the eight rivers thereafter. There is a lack of bridges on this river due to its long-wide pot.


There are more than 1100 tributaries of Amazon, 12 of which are 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) in length.

  1. Bro

  2. Cassechier Canal

  3. Kaikata River

  4. Huga

  5. Putumayo (or Isa river)

  6. Zevery

  7. Junua

  8. Zhigu River

  9. Mernan

  10. Moona

  11. Ungrits

  12. Nepo

  13. Negro

  14. Pestza

  15. Purus

  16. Tempo

  17. Tapjose

  18. Tigre

  19. Tokentine

  20. Trombitus

  21. Umetamorphy

  22. Yasura

  23. Medisra

South America located in the south of the Amazon River

1. Nile River, Africa - The longest river in the world is the Nile that crosses the eastern part of the vast Sahara desert from the largest lake Victoria in Africa and enters the Mediterranean Sea in the north. It has been flowing from heavy rainfed areas near the equator to the north from the south, respectively, from Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt, making a long valley that looks like a thin bandage on both sides. This strip is the largest desert in the world.  The Nile Valley is a narrow strip C with the width of the most part not exceeding 16 km, the width of which is less than 200 metres. There are many tributaries that have White Nile and Blue Nile mains. At its mouth it manufactures 160 kilometres long and 240 kilometres wide.  The normal slope of the valley is from south to north. The ancient civilization of Egypt has been developed in the valley of the same river. The same river has been built on the famous Akwan Dam in Egypt.

top 10 longest river in the world
Nile River

The southern part of the Nile Valley is situated near the equator, so the Mediterranean climate is found there. There is a high temperature throughout the year and rainfall is also around the year. Average precipitation of 212 from annual rainfall. M. Is The forests of equatorial evergreen are found here due to high temperature and higher rainfall. In the intermediate part of the Nile, Savana is found to be like climate which is hot but somewhat odd and the amount of rainfall is relatively low. In this region, a tropical meadow called Savana is found. Sudan is the world's largest glue producing country due to the adoption of the trees found here. In the absence of rainfall in the northern part, dates are found in the desert trees. The Mediterranean climate is found in the delta region of the north, where rainfall is mainly in winter.

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